Fading Twilight


What team are you on? Team Edward? Team Jacob? Or as many call themselves, Team Potter? For those who have not read the books, no, Harry Potter does not make a surprise appearance. Although, honestly, it might have improved the plot.

The book series revolves around a girl named Bella Swan who has recently moved to a little town named Forks in Seattle. Through a series of events, she meets a family of vampires and falls in love with one of them, Edward. Vampires from around the world become involved in their love story, whether for the challenge of hunting Bella or because they believe that it is not safe for a human to know too much of their world. Whether or not Bella will become a vampire herself to solve these problems is a conflict in the earlier books. Edward refuses to let her at first. He sees vampires as soulless creatures who are inherently evil. He also wants her to truly experience life as a human, something he thinks she will regret missing if she was turned. And then there’s Jacob. Bella has to decide between him and Edward. Who does she truly love?

First, positives. I read all the books in one night. Well, not the fourth; it wasn’t out yet. They are surprisingly entrancing. As extremely light reading, I liked them. If you think too much about them, well, I’ll cover that when I talk about the negatives. They are fast-paced for the most part, except for New Moon. I found the vampires’ back stories (I believe they are all found in Eclipse.) incredibly interesting, and they are probably my favorite part of the series.

Now, negatives. Well, I have to start out with the fact that these books have no real message to them. If anything, it presents bad role models to teenagers. Bella is a consistently depressed teenage girl who almost literally cannot live with her boyfriend. Edward is insanely jealous and protective of Bella. He hardly lets her out of his sight. Also, there is the creepy part where he sneaks into her room to watch her sleep at night. If you don’t just take the book at face value, you start to notice how weird the characters are, and no matter how sweetly Stephenie Meyers writes it, their behavior is not healthy, New Moon. One of my least favorite books ever. Most of the book was focused on how depressed Bella was because Edward was gone. Insanely boring! I skimmed through so many chapters.

Team Potter.


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  1. Great post Alison and I agree New Moon was a bt slow. Do you have Twtter I could introduce you to a writer friend of mine who would most probably pay you you to review her books – she’s eighteen.

    Yours truly,

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  3. I’m afraid I am not a fan of either series. The first Harry Potter was OK, I guess, but didn’t inspire me to read further. I think the movies have been pretty forgettable. I liked the beginning of Twilight (the movie). It was a stroke of genius to set the story in a town shrouded in mist. Bella’s growing awareness of Edward’s true nature was also interesting. But when the werewolves came into the picture, I’m afraid Stephenie Meyer lost me right there.

    • I thought the first Harry Potter was the worst of the series. While they are not my favorite books, I do prefer them over Twilight. I agree that the setting of Twilight was a very good choice, though.

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