The Spellman Files


The Spellman Files is the first book in a wonderful, hilarious set of four books written by Lisa Lutz. The star of the book is Izzy Spellman, the stubborn daughter of private investigator parents. The entire family, quirky father Albert, beautiful mother Olivia, Izzy, lawyer David, sugar addict Rae, and alcoholic Uncle Ray, are an extremely dysfunctional family, but not in the way you might think. They think nothing of spying on each other to discover secrets, and one family member in particular is no stranger to blackmail. Isabel narrates the book through smooth storytelling and lists from her files. She documents her former boyfriends with the same care she would a  suspect, and in the end, she inevitably scares them off. She quits working for the family business when she finds out her family has been paying Rae to tail her, but when Rae goes missing, will it bring them all together again?

Just as a warning, there is alcohol and drug use and brief strong language used in the books. Some of the subplots revolve around these issues. Also, when you read this book on a Kindle, some of the humor is lost because the footnotes are placed at the end of the e-book. However you can download them from to reference when reading the book. I wish I knew this before I read the books.  It’s not billed as a “teen” book, but I’m sure it’s something all teens can enjoy.


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